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Tax Free Shopping

As a visitor to the island you have the opportunity to buy an impressive selection of wonderful items at tax free prices. Tax free shopping in Barbados is as much as a third more economical than prices in Europe, the U.K. and North America. Shoppers are safe in the knowledge that the products are genuine with good after sales service.


You must present your immigration form or passport and ticket at the time of purchase and you may have the goods over the counter. Liquor and tobacco are the only exceptions, and these are delivered to your port of departure.


Shopping in Bridgetown

The best time to head into Bridgetown is around 9am, before the midday heat and after the morning rush hour traffic. You can spend the morning shopping, enjoy a nice lunch in town and still have the afternoon free to relax on the beach.

There is a free shuttle service to  Bridgetown from hotels on the south and west coasts, operating from Monday to Saturday at 9.30am or 11am returning at 1.30pm or 3pm and from the Crane on Thursdays at 8.45am.

Contact your hotel’s front desk, guest services or concierge to make arrangements  or telephone them at 227-2200.

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