Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate there is always somewhere to surf in Barbados year-round. The East Coast receives the Atlantic swells constantly so even on those small days in summer it is perfect for taking out a longboard at Soup Bowl or Parlour. Most surfing lessons in Barbados take place on the south coast at Freight’s Bay and Surfer’s Point. There is also great surf for intermediate and advanced surfers interested in heading out on their own at South Point or Brandons. The West Coast, gets great surf from December to March when cold fronts from the North bring perfect surf to these otherwise extremely calm beaches.

We host most of our surf lessons at Freights Bay (Cotton House Bay) just south of Oistins in Atlantic Shores. Freights Bay is the ideal place for beginners to learn how to surf. Freights Bay is below a cliff which shelters it from strong winds that can make the water turbulent. Freights Bay is primarily a left hand break, with long, pealing, perfect waves…there are even some sea turtles hanging around in the surf!