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Jacob Burke

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Boosy’s positive energy and expertise…

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Boosy’s positive energy and expertise make a top notch experience!

Highlight of our vacation

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A great teacher makes all the difference…

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I would strongly recommend Boosy’s Surf School to anyone with an interest in learning to surf. Even as a newbie, you will have no problem getting up on the board and riding waves.

Excellent surfing lesson – highly reccomend Boosy’s surf school!

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Christian was an excellent instructor. He really broke down all the parts to surfing to help us learn from the bottom up. He was very enthusiastic, encouraging, and personable.

I teach all the lessons myself!

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This footage is from when Hurricane Katia passed north of Barbados.

I’m now a little surfing ninja!

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Car Hire

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Hiring a car is the best way to appreciate the beauty and character of Barbados. Bajans are friendly and always willing to point you in the right direction. When hiring a car, pay attention to the demonstration of the vehicle as most models are different in the Caribbean. Ask about any safety features you require. Note the emergency hot line number of your rental company and check that they offer breakdown assistance. Most rental companies offer unlimited mileage, free delivery and pick-up to hotels, villas, airport and seaport, baby seats and free road maps.

Drivers’ Licences

A Barbados visitors’ driver’s licence can be obtained either from the rental car company or from the Worthing or Holetown Police Stations. A valid driver’s licence and BDS$10.00 must be produced. No examination is required to obtain a visitor’s licence, once the applicant holds a valid driver’s licence from his country. International drivers’ licences are recognised.

Speed Limits

When making your way around the island, look out for the new black and white signs that identify the islands’ districts. They make the maps, which are based on place names, more functional.

Barbados’ Best Car Rental Companies

To submit a request about for car rental please click here!


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Tax Free Shopping

As a visitor to the island you have the opportunity to buy an impressive selection of wonderful items at tax free prices. Tax free shopping in Barbados is as much as a third more economical than prices in Europe, the U.K. and North America. Shoppers are safe in the knowledge that the products are genuine with good after sales service.


You must present your immigration form or passport and ticket at the time of purchase and you may have the goods over the counter. Liquor and tobacco are the only exceptions, and these are delivered to your port of departure.


Shopping in Bridgetown

The best time to head into Bridgetown is around 9am, before the midday heat and after the morning rush hour traffic. You can spend the morning shopping, enjoy a nice lunch in town and still have the afternoon free to relax on the beach.

There is a free shuttle service to  Bridgetown from hotels on the south and west coasts, operating from Monday to Saturday at 9.30am or 11am returning at 1.30pm or 3pm and from the Crane on Thursdays at 8.45am.

Contact your hotel’s front desk, guest services or concierge to make arrangements  or telephone them at 227-2200.


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With over 100 restaurants from coast to coast, countless bars and nightclubs, fish frys and rum shops, Barbados runs the full gamut of choice when it comes to dining out and entertainment. The island truly offers something for everyone, from the sophisticated west and south coast establishments to the smaller, ‘no frills’ roadside joints, there is an impressive range of menus and venues to suit all tastes and budgets.


There are many nightclubs in Barbados; ranging from openair beachclubs to modern, state of the art indoor clubs. “The Gap” is a strip of bars in the St.Lawrence Gap and is a popular liming spot for locals of all ages. Theres something for everyone there. Most nightclubs play reggae, dancehall, dub, soca and calypso, depending on the time of year.  There are a few clubs that cater towards visitors and they also include mainstream music in their mix.

Barbados’ Best Nightclubs