Barbados Accommodation

Planning a holiday in Barbados? Check out the Barbados Property List

Short term/holiday rental properties are generally rentals per night or week. Use the ‘contact the agent’ form beneath each listing to find out more information on the rates. Barbados has a number of vacation rentals that suit all budgets and preferences, and can either be self-catered apartments, condominium units, townhouses, luxury villas or rental houses.

Typically, luxury accommodation is found on the West coast of Barbados however there are a number of high-end, beachfront condominium developments on the South coast that could well be classed in the same class. On the other hand, a majority of very affordable and varied holiday rental accommodation can be found on the South and East coast of the island.

If you do not see a property in your price range, you should still use the ‘contact the agent’ form beneath any listing that you like, noting your budget and requirements so the agent can better help you with finding that perfect accommodation for your holiday in paradise! Similarly, each coast is very different in terms of nightlife, affordable eateries and types of beaches.

For example, the South coast offers St. Lawrence Gap where you can find a number of restaurants and bars that come alive only at night and range from casual dining at places like Café Sol and Harlequin to fine dining at restaurants like Josef’s or Pisces, which are both on the water. Most beaches on the South are safe to swim in but as you move more South East, the sea begins to change as it hits the Atlantic Ocean which means currents become stronger and the waves are rougher.  So be sure to ask a local if the area is safe for swimming before you dive in!

Alternatively, the West coast of Barbados offers a number of fine dining restaurants and bars all along the coast on the beachfront, which are more expensive and usually require a dress code, however are some of the most highly recommended places to eat by International food connoisseurs, zagat, celebrities and locals. The beaches on the West are calm, crystal blue with white sands and are perfect for snorkeling and swimming with the turtles. No beach in Barbados is private so explore and set up camp wherever you wish. For more local and affordable cuisine, travel further North to places like Cassareep Café in Speightstown or Moontown, Merton’s Fish fry and Braddies fish fry which are all set up on the beachfront and frequented by locals and visitors alike. Other fish fries such as Oistins on the south and Martin’s Bay on the East are also worth a try.